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Crime Movies on the other name Detective films are supposed to be the new generation, in other words, they are not among the films that have emerged in recent years and have become more popular.

The history of detective films is almost identical to the history of cinema. Detective films don’t just deal with a murder or a detective or a chain of events. It also includes mafia movies many other crime-related topics. But, as in Sherlock Holmes, the most successful detective films of all time.

When they watch the detective films compiled from the old murder or killer cases, knowing that the events in the film they watched were really experienced once and that these characters were really killed in this way and with the excitement and fears of this information.
Apart from these, the detective films were able to keep up with the developing time and the detective detective was able to provide the audience with both fear and tension, as well as drama.

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Crime movie viewers are movie viewers who don’t hang on a fixed topic but are constantly looking for new topics.
For instance, the audience who watches the mafia-style crime film one day can enjoy a serial killer movie the next day.

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